World Match

World Match

Official site:
Date of foundation of the company: 2003
Location: Italy
Number of Slots: 114
Platforms: Mobile, Desktop
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone number: +44 (0)207 193 5229
Number of casinos: 4

World Match – a company that produces slot machines. Modern slots boast beautiful graphics and bonus features. The game from this developer look great against the background of competitors’ products. Such devices can be played for a long time, and they do not bother. Thanks to additional functions, the gameplay is significantly transformed and becomes diverse.


The casino software maker was established in 2000 in Malta. Already in 2003, the company received a Class 4 European license. Thanks to this document, many casinos began to use the products of this developer. In those years, it was extremely attractive for future development, but no one knew that Flash would become so popular and supersede all software with other technologies. In 2004, players were able to contemplate the first machines from the company. The games were well received by lovers of excitement, so the continuation was not long in coming. The next time the world saw a large package of slots only in 2011. The manufacturer has released high-quality machines in the Italian market. All of them were with excellent graphics and stuffed with bonuses. Also on the list was video poker and other card games. The first certified games for the Italian market were exhibited in 2012. The company developed them in accordance with all the rules and recommendations. Since gambling is allowed in Italy, the state has issued many laws and licenses under which these machines were created. In 2016, Flash technology was outdated and could not provide the necessary functionality, so the manufacturer switched to HTML5. In the same year, all machines were imported to the new system. Therefore, even now you can find the first models of games in online casinos. In 2017, the company received certificates from Spain. After certification in the Spanish market, games from the manufacturer began to appear.

Slot machines

Each developer has his own unique view on how his slots should look. Throughout history, World Match has released more than 200 machines. In them, players can feel like astronauts, scientists, athletes and enjoy a huge number of other topics. In these games you may encounter multiplayer, special characters, free spins, bonus rounds and other features. All these factors will not let you get bored even by an experienced player. You should definitely take a look at these models:

Funny Monkey – a slot about fruits and monkeys. 5 reels and 20 lines. On the reels you can see fruits, berries and other symbols in an unusual style. The maximum payout is 1000 total bets. A wild symbol can replace other pictures, while increasing winnings by half. When several combinations occur in a row, the player receives a bonus. For example, for the second combination you get 2 times more money, for the third – 4 times, for the third – 8 times.
Space Blast is a story about space explorers. The plot involves a beautiful female astronaut and aliens. With the help of a blaster and her allies, she will confront alien criminals with lasers. Participate in this, while receiving large payouts with multiplayer up to x32.
Disco Baby – machine about club life. Fun music, girls and booze have always been elements of any nightlife. Now you can watch this on your computer. Free spins and special characters can beautify your game. Test your luck and get the opportunity to multiply your bet several thousand times.

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