The most common questions about virtual casinos


1. What is an online casino?

An online casino is a web resource that provides access to a wide variety of types of gambling entertainment, subject to the availability of a connection to the global network. Such resources allow you to choose games for every taste. The vast majority are slot machines, various types of card games, or roulette. To visit such a casino, any device is suitable – from a classic desktop computer to a commonplace smartphone.

As a rule, almost all casinos – online allow customers to play with conditional money. Thus, you can practice and assess the level of their capabilities. After all, you will avoid the problems associated with a lack of experience; there will be no instant drain of the deposit. Do not forget that the testing mode has differences in comparison with the real game in terms of useful returns. This nuance needs to be remembered since the results of betting on conditional money are really different.
There are no restrictions on the size of the winnings. The result of each player’s action is random. This suggests that there is a real possibility of developing an insignificant deposit of several tens of dollars, to a deposit the size of which will be in the thousands and hundreds of thousands. Moreover, the probability of doing this almost instantly is very high.

Remember that in the same way, in the blink of an eye, you can lose all the money. In this regard, there is no difference between classic casinos. It is necessary to learn competent bankroll management, then it will be possible to win more riskless.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that at the present stage of the development of the gaming industry, there are a huge number of virtual gambling establishments, which, under the guise of a Casino sign, are engaged in banal weaning of money from gullible users. When playing at these venues, you won’t be able to win anything, or you won’t be able to cash out your winnings in any way.

The only good thing is that identifying such figures is quite simple. Fraudsters, really realizing the ultimate goal of their activities, do not “mess up” on the quality of the product. Very often, the design of the resource leaves much to be desired. The quality of the software used is unacceptably low. In turn, the sizes of various bonuses are simply unrealistically large. Experienced players quickly identify such dealers and bypass them.

But in the vastness of the network, there are fakes of much higher quality. It will be more difficult to capture them. In such cases, first, you need to check the availability of an official license confirming the fact of the right to carry out gambling activities. Clarify which state and which authority issued the document. Such information should be located on the main page of the site or immediately provided by the administration of the support service at the request of the player. If you have questions about this, most likely, you are ordinary thieves, and their goal is to wean your money.

The ban on gambling applies to persons under 18 years of age. Depending on the country of registration of the site, the age for admission to the game may vary.

2. Features of the functional slots – online

When playing online on a virtual platform, you can say that you are on a software developer’s server. Among them stand out Microgaming, NetEnt, Novomatic, and other well-known companies. The peculiarity of the process is that the statutory percentage of winnings of the total credited funds will be guaranteed to be met, and the casino administration has absolutely no way to influence the results.
There are games with a progressive jackpot, where the winning amount can reach numbers with seven zeros or more. Their size is growing due to all casino players. Payments to the jackpot occur regardless of the slot selected for the game.
Do not forget about the “scripting institutions”; in them, the game processes are localized on the server of the directly advertised institution. And if desired, everything can be adjusted at the discretion of the administration of such an “office.” Such dealers, in the vast majority of cases, use scripting software. And if you still decide to try your hand at a scripted casino, take the trouble to at least examine the reviews of other players. Do not immediately replenish the deposit.
The above abbreviation denotes the number of funds set for winning from the total amount of the casino deposit. If, for example, we take the fairest amount of 95% (which decent companies adhere to), it turns out that for every dollar deposited, the casino returns ninety-five cents in the form of a win.
The highest payout percentage of 96% is offered today by virtual casinos based on NetEnt and Microgaming.
There is no clear algorithm for choosing a virtual casino. A lot depends on the personal preferences of the player. It is only necessary to distinguish between slots with low dispersion and high.
The difference is that in the case of low rates, the number of winnings will not be very high, but they will happen much more often (up to x 400). In highly dispersed slots, victories happen less frequently, but the amounts are, in turn, more significant. But on the last slots, for a successful game, you will have to have a significant margin on your deposit, which will allow you to withstand hundreds of unsuccessful draws. Otherwise, in the short run, you risk simply being left without money.

3. How to choose the right playground

Before making the final choice, it is worth exploring the following important points:
The company you have chosen has a positive image, there is no information about possible facts of problems with cash funds or other troubles that I can accompany clients;
A very important point – the casino must have an official license to carry out gaming activities; it is really good if the casino has a real link to a physical address (tangible office);
The ability to choose a convenient interface language, for example, Russian, if you have problems with fluency in English;
The state of your location should not be on the blacklist; that is, your country should be able to access the casino;
For the players in your country, there are profitable promotions and other “goodies”;
For beginners, cash rewards are provided;
Is there a possibility of payment from your country with a suitable payment system and, of course, the same opportunity to withdraw money;
A positive point for making the right decision will be the following nuances:

How quickly you can get your money, on what days it can be done;
Deposit size (minimum and maximum);
Type of currency used;
Additional gratuitous rewards;
The level of quality of customer service support.

4. Deposit replenishment and registration form

In the vast majority of cases, the registration process will not cause you any difficulty at all. It is important to write down all the information correctly and completely because otherwise, you may have difficulty with the withdrawal of funds won.

Everything that you write to yourself will be kept secret. So, you don’t have to worry about this; the goal of the casino administration is to identify your personality. In case of any difficulties, the customer support service will always help you. The most suitable option is online chat.
The most common and easiest way to replenish a deposit is with a credit card or electronic payment systems operating in the CIS (Qiwi, WebMoney, and others). Everything is very simple; just follow the instructions on the screen. The transferred money is credited instantly, and you can play immediately.

5. Promotions and bonuses in online slots

Existing customer loyalty programs will allow you to earn additional funds through the possibility of free games in some slots.

There are various bonuses; they can be as deposit bonuses, including cashback.
No deposit bonus – as a rule, they provide for successful registration or for any other reason for playing on the online platform, based on the decision of the administration.
A deposit bonus is either fund credited to the account or free attempts in games. But such bonuses will become available only after you deposit your own funds into your personal account.
Cashback is called reimbursement of a certain part of the amount from losing for a certain period of time. An example is the following situation. For 10 days of the game, you made bets in the amount of $ 1,000. If the agreed cashback size is 5 percent, then you will be refunded $ 100.
When choosing a bonus, carefully read the terms of its provision. It is important for you to find out how much should be played in order to activate the conditions for its provision. What is the maximum possible bonus amount available for withdrawal, the size of the bet, and whether there are game slots excluding the use of the bonus?
The wager is a numerical combination that determines the number of repetitions of a wagering bonus, the completion of which is necessary in order to be able to withdraw money. In most cases, it is from 20 to 40 times. And, of course, the higher this indicator, the greater difficulties in the process of wagering the bonus are waiting for you ahead. Simply put, the lower the number of wagers, the more real your winnings become.

6. Verification of personal data and the purpose of its implementation

If you are a client of a decent gambling web resource and have accumulated a certain amount of winnings and decided to get your money, it happens that the company administration asks for a scan of your documents to complete the verification procedure. Their goal is confirmation of the reality of your login and identity, as well as compliance with the requirements of the law.
The following documents are often required:

  • Scanned copy of your passport;
  • A photograph of the credit card used to replenish an account or scan a payment system account;
  • Account number or bank statement.

7. What problems may arise in relation to the casino

It is impossible to definitely exclude surprises in terms of the speed of withdrawal of winnings, even if you are a client of the most popular, reputable, and well-known web casino. Such force majeure situations can affect everyone. The reality is that even if you have unambiguously observed all the necessary rules and really deserved your legitimate winnings, the casino will try to keep you (of course, not all do this). The policy is aimed at keeping you from withdrawing for as long as possible and encouraging you to continue playing (because you are a gambler). But be patient and overcome the temptation; try not to play while waiting. For more than a couple of days, the withdrawal of your funds will not be delayed.
In the territory of the former USSR, the state machine is quite seriously opposed to the development and even simple functioning of the gambling industry. Of course, online slots are no exception; for this reason, providers have to carry out the procedure for blocking access to online casino sites for their users. But such a lock can be easily circumvented; for this, there are special programs and extensions. The Opera browser will also help in turbo mode.